Alaric Odinstone

Banished & disgraced, he sought recluse. He found purpose.


Uncommonly tall for a dwarf with heavy gray almond shaped eyes. His mahogany hair and beard are braided with the gems of his clan.


Alaric began his life as many Duaru did, but with a few distinct differences. He was the second son of a “royal” Duaru line, which usually means nothing as the first born son is gifted with his family’s wealth and status. Fortunately, Alaric’s family, though respectful of their people’s customs, rebuked several of the old ways as archaic and would choose a more enlightened approach to appropriating their family’s inheritance.

chaska.jpgHis father was the Great Chief Chaska and as such he was privy to a great deal of the inner workings of the High Council of the Duaru. His mother, Mida; whom many held in just as high regard as her husband, was a historian/priestess and wonderful story-teller, and Alaric spent a much of his free time learning about Duaru customs, traditions, and history. When he was not dutifully at his father’s side for council, or studying under his mother’s tutelage, Alaric could be found with the tribe’s blacksmiths learning how to create weaponry, armor, and even on occasion jewelry. (a task only Duaru women usually performed) He also took to throwing the small hammers of the forgers and eventually began throwing the full size warhammers with deadly accuracy.

This perfect world came to an abrupt end when Chaska was killed while defending the city against another Duaru tribe. This meant Alosaka (Alaric’s oldest brother) was now the leader of the tribe and his first act as the new Chief was to banish Alaric for not protecting their father from the assassin’s that breached the defenses and killed him. He also took from Alaric his given name ( a fate usually only reserved for the worst kind of Duaru). Alaric was allowed no time for mourning, no time to say his farewells. His hair and beard were cut to show his disgrace and he was banished from the Cosmas Mountains forever. Those loyal to Alaric surreptitiously gathered supplies, armor, and retrieved his father’s hammer Bidzil.jpg(Alosaka had discarded it) and loaded a cart and donkey for him to ease his journey (it was the best they could do) Guilt-ridden he made his way out of the Cosmas Mountains, never once looking back for fear they would see the river running from his eyes, when he was far enough away to feel safe he held a small “rock-setting” for his father’s passing and took the name Alaric (in remembrance of his family) Odinstone (a stone with an unnatural hole in its center) He now makes his way out into the world torn between the desire to be recluse in shame and his natural longing for kinsman-ship

Alaric Odinstone

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